LuxCon 2015 update

As you might have noticed, this website has been very quiet over the recent months. That’s because we are concentrating all our efforts on the 2015 edition of our LuxCon event. Preparations are well under way and we’ll have some nice surprises and updates for you over the course of the next months. Here’s a little update for you all:

  • - The event will take place at the “Schungfabrik” in Tétange on march 28th and 29th 2015
  • - It will feature all the things you loved about the first edition but will be larger, bigger, better and add more late night activities.
  • - The website is being remade as we speak and will give you more information on events, artists and so on.


Feel free to join the community on Facebook HERE and the event on Facebook HERE.

If you’d like more information about the event or are an artist/vendor/speaker/… interested in joining it, feel free to head to our CONTACT PAGE and send us a message.

– Your SFFS/LuxCon team


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